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    I’m passionate about sports management and marketing! I have been involved in this industry since I got my master’s degree in this field. That’s more than 20 years of experience!!
    I started working in New York and continued in Greece and now all over Europe.
    Worked for:
    • UEFA
    • Olympic & Paralympic Games 2004
    • Greek Soccer League
    • Hellenic Football Federation

    Coopered: with big corporations which were sponsors in major sporting events and clubs (football, basketball, etc). Activation innovative ideas and executions. Budget planning.

    Created events from scratch:
    • All Star Game GREECE. Seven (7) annual soccer events. Fans voted and created the two teams which participated.
    • Foot volley GREECE. Five (5) annual event with Brazilian popular sport.
    • Athens Flying Week. Five (5) annual airshows of Athens.

    I’m looking forward to assist you in anything you might need in the exciting and unlimited field called SPORTS!!

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