Become a Sponsored Athlete and get closer to your Sports Dreams.

Today’s world of sports is much different vs what it used to be.

There are so many athletes who have the qualities and important elements to get sponsorship but have not idea how to do it.


Sponsorship is a long-lasting PARTNERSHIP. We want you to build a relationship with a brand that fits your goals and profile.

Contact us for an evaluation of your athletic profile (If you don’t have already a ChampionsID profile make one here), because this may be your time to become a sponsored athlete and get paid for doing what you love.

What does this service include:

  1. We evaluate your sports profile in order to understand your potential for sponsorship, your reach, your readiness and advise you accordingly.
  2. We make sure you have an updated ChampionsID profile that can be shared to potential sponsors.
  3. We create a 2 page pdf with photos, key stats, achievements, bio, social media urls, that can be used in Digital and in Printed format.
  4. We create a Sponsorship Video for you that will describe your needs, your journey, achievements and potential impact as an athlete.
  5. We create a shortlist of at least 10 different companies (already in our contact), in order to share your sports profile, video and ask.
  6. We make the contact with them, once the Athlete aligns.
  7. We post your sponsorship materials on our Social Media and we communicate with accounts or companies you will indicate.

The Shortlist with Companies we communicate include:

  • Local companies that specialize in your sport
  • Highly specialized companies in your sport
  • Local businesses.
  • General athletic companies
  • Companies you can help based on your personality or accomplishments
  • Companies that you like, even if they are not sports related
  • Companies that can help you with specific things, like travel or nutrition providers

You can definitely use the materials we create for you to send them over to any contacts you have on your own

Example of the Video we make for you, is the below:

Ask us to get started!

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