Our expert partners prepare for you a fully customized training program to get the most out of the off-season

The more you sweat in times of peace, the less you bleed in times of war,” Off season is arguably the most crucial time for an athlete to focus on maintaining training and preparing the body for the next season

What many athletes don’t realize is how quickly the body can regress back to pre-training levels after periods of detraining when duration and intensity is reduced.

Goals of the off season include:

Providing a base level of conditioning, preparing the body for more intense training, combating muscle imbalances to reduce the risk of injuries and focusing on the weaknesses of each athlete.

How it’s personalized?

Built to make you better at your sport, each training program is unique to your sport,  position, experience & age, gender & body type, and schedule.

There are 6 levels of progressive training from youth to pro and the exercises are tailored around your available equipment


We need some info about you (ideally the ones you have in your ChampionsID profile)  along with few more answers that you will have to give to our dedicated trainers, who will address you via email right after you purchase the service.

Delivery Details:

Once you provide the requested info via email,  we will send you back the training program in full detail which you will need to follow. This will include:

A summary of how to get the most out of the off-season through workouts and cardio with a 12-week program split in different phases. Be warned though, because these programs are anything but easy. But everyone during the season will meet a different athlete.

Following the completion of the program you can choose to track your improvements and have a skype call after the end of the month for further instructions.

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