High Performance & Achievement Coaching for Athletes

FIRST 1-hour session is FREE- after we determine if there is an obvious fit, we can discuss a long-term partnership.


– Goal-setting workshop 100% catered to the athlete and their goals
– A weekly email outlining your strategy and action items for achieving your goals
– High-performance and achievement mindset coaching to keep you on track and consistent
– Open “office hours” each week to check in with coach outside of your scheduled call time
– 1:1 weekly call via Skype or phone (phone preferred for U.S. clients)

“This is where Ben’s coaching offers all the magic. He deals with the inner you- the very you that resists any and all kinds of change. He offers strategies that rewire and reprogram your thoughts. He helps you clearly define your actions, which makes it almost impossible to fail. It helps you lay the inner foundation from where you can take off and keep going forward.

Take this from someone who always felt downright dejected having tried all the possible tools and programs. Now that I have completed my coaching with Ben, I feel empowered like never before.”

“I haven’t become a millionaire yet, but I will be updating this review when it happens. I will attest that ben has easily paid for himself and then some. i’ve rediscovered the creative and fun side of my business, become more confident in making tough decisions, have a better money mindset [being more intentional with everything I do surrounding my business that drives income home], and a greatly improved work/life balance.”

“Of the countless attempts to break a 15-year habitual tendency, this is the one system that gave me a light at the end of the tunnel all the way through. Coach K introduced me to a new way of focus with the insight of the end-game while dialing in my self-efficacy for the now. Without him, I would have created some lame excuse as to why I cannot develop a new life routine and keep myself accountable in the process. Thanks, Coach K.”

“Ben’s coaching is incredible! As a 24 year old female, body image is something that I’ve struggled with in the past. The systems and strategies helped me change my perception on how food and exercise can improve my mental and physical health instead of using it as a tool to body shame as I had in the past. I live a much healthier life now and will even use some of the tricks I learned from Coach K to improve on other areas of my life in the future!”

“Coach K gave me laser focus around my intentions and kept me on track. His coaching offers a great system that I can apply to any outcome I am looking to achieve.”

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