Get a professional online basetall talent evaluation.

You have already a highlights/ recruiting film GREAT.

That’s probably the most elementary tool an athlete should own when it comes to showcasing his talent online.

Few can see you play in the court but thousands can see you play from a laptop screen.

What do you get with this service?

You get a professional online baseball talent evaluation / potential / strengths and weaknesses in order to know exactly where you should be focusing on but also understand what are your chances to get to the next level.

We are sending your highlights video to Baseball college coaches or recruiters, within our network in order to provide you a Full Baseball talent evaluation that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

In Online Scouting or Online Baseball talent evaluation through the tape,  it is not always cut and dry because every player is different and every situation is different.

Coaches and experts don’t always have all the facts. They don’t always get to see the competition and the tape is always skewed to be the best of someone instead of just how they perform every game.

Therefore the process needs to be honest on both sides.

The tape or the number of highlights should showcase the athlete in various plays, not just their great moments.

Also, the evaluator during the online baseball evaluation must be completely honest with the player and their parents or the process is worthless. If a player struggles with dribbling then they need to be told that and it needs to be in no uncertain terms. Nothing good is being accomplished by getting a false evaluation from someone who is afraid, to tell the truth.

Send Us a message before purchasing the service to guide you regarding the next steps and what we will need from you

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