Increase your chances for Funding by +50%

Initiating an online funding campaign is something easy. Right?

The critical factors for a successful crowdfunding campaign (Hence when asking for people to fund your sports cope) are 2.

  1. Your ability to create a compelling campaign/ message/ reason to believe.
  2. Your ability to promote or the help you will get to promote your sports crowdfunding campaign in order to reach the maximum possible number of relevant people.

2 out of 3 crowdfunding campaigns fail to meet their goals and a very big percentage of them never raise anything.

What do you get with this Service

  • We promote your crowdfunding campaign by posting it on our Social Media accounts
  • Promoting it via Facebook & Instagram (Promoted posts)
  • We write a short blog about your campaign circulating it to our sports media partners
  • We create a short video that promotes your scope and the reason why you are an athlete who worths to be funded.
  • We post your campaign in Linkedin Groups with high-end individuals who can be potential sponsors.

See also another tool that will help you make your Crowdfunding campaign stand out.

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